How much does the test cost?

We are offering the anti-body test for £30 (Reduced from £60)

What is the antibody test?

An antibody is a protein that is made by the immune system when your body is fighting an infection. Harmful substances (that cause infection, reaction and disease) are known as antigens. Each antibody is unique and responds to a specific antigen. Antibodies are Y shaped, and they bind to invading pathogens in a lock and key formation. They all have this Y shape but there are 5 different variations: IgG/M/A/D/E 


Defining IgA, IgG and IgM 

The test will allow us to look for the key antibodies, they are the A G and M. White blood cells (part of the immune system) initially release IgM antibodies into the blood stream when exposed to a pathogen. Later in the infection, IgG antibodies begin to be found in the blood. IgA antibodies are released in the body mainly in mucus, serum or secretions. (Testing for this particular antibody in the blood has been found to give heightened sensitivity to the tests, and shows a more established immune response to COVID-19) 


How will it benefit you?

As you know, it's currently not safe to turn up to work when you are feeling a little poorly, just in case it is COVID. Staff may also have to take time off on multiple occasions because someone in their household is unwell or has tested positive for COVID. These people may not even have any symptoms but will be a huge monetary loss to companies). Workplaces may be able to get around this by routinely testing their staff. If the staff were to show up as having established antibodies to the virus, we can assume that they will be safe to have in the workplace for the next 8 weeks minimum (possibly permanently soon, if science is able to prove that these antibodies are a lifetime protection). 

The discounted  price is £30 per person. (Some people may require a test every 8 weeks to track the level of antibodies)

What’s included?


  • Each person is tested by a registered Healthcare Professional. (We will carry and display all the relevant certificates as 

  • The screenings use CE-marked BioSure Triple Antibody Covid-19 kit, including IgA antibodys

  • The screening is conducted in line with all relevant Covid-19 safety protocols

  • The presence of IgA antibody can indicate an active Covid-19 infection, meaning that person should isolate which allows you to protect your staff and customers

  • The test Involves a finger prick of blood with results in 10 minutes (no swab and immediate results

  • BioSure powered by PocDoc app is used to record results, other health data and compile Health Report