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Lip filler

Dermal Fillers are an excellent way to enhance the natural shape and size of your lips.  Our lip enhancement procedure uses lip fillers to define, enhance and volumise the lips.


Lip Filler Treatment

The treatment consists of a short procedure where our practitioner injects dermal filler into the top and bottom lip.  Numbing cream is placed on the lips prior to the treatment to ensure a painless procedure. After a series of small injections have been made, results are visible immediately. Bruising can be common after the treatment although it should disappear after 1-2 days. 

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Add volume to thin lips


Define the shape of the lip


Create a pronounced Cubid's Bow 


Reduce "smoker's lines"


Balance uneven or crooked lips

Lip Filler Techniques

Natural Lip Filler
  • Subtle Volume
  •  improved lip definition
  • Correct uneven lips

Russian Lip Filler

  • Big Impactful volume
  • 3D definition 
  • Correct uneven Lips
Micro-droplet Lip Filler
  • Increase the surface size
  • Improve lip definition
  • Correct uneven lips
Natural Lips
Russian Lips
Micro-Droplet Lips
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lip filler before and after.png
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Lip Filler Price

Lip Filler 1ml Treatment £349
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